Assignments: Final Assignment: Career Goals and Degree Requirements Paper (for

Final Assignment: Career Goals and Degree Requirements
Paper (for final assignment) To draw on career goals to reflect on a researchable topic. Your outline and annotated bibliography should lay the foundation for writing this paper.
The final assignment is a culmination of your Final Paper Outline and Annotated Bibliography. It will clearly outline linkages between your coursework; degree path and future vocational endeavours. Please ensure you review the Rubric provided in our Discussion Forum for further criteria.
*The final assignment for this course is required to follow the APA 7th edition formatting and style requirements for student work (no running head however page number required). Be sure to cite any resources or references used in APA 7th edition format. Any papers over 1500 words, inclusive of title page, body and references, will have 5 marks deducted as will any papers that are under 1400 words. Please do not include an abstract or appendices as they will not count toward your mark. It is expected that this paper will not be written in first person; you will have body headings (at least two levels); and at least 5 scholarly, peer reviewed references and no more than 10 all formatted as per APA 7th edition. All papers submitted in pdf will be returned unmarked and 5 marks will be deducted. Please ensure to review the assignment rubric.

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