Assignment Title – Community Building Group Event and Report (Groups of two) Thi

Assignment Title – Community Building Group Event and Report (Groups of two) This assignment is worth 30% of your final mark. 20% will be allocated to the presentation and 10% will be the Peer Evaluation This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements: CLR 1: Analyze the role of community building practices in crime prevention CLR 2: Understand the modes of community building CLR 3: Develop skills and strategies to engage in community change Objective of this Assignment: Engage in various roles of the CJS worker including: initiator, educator, networker, supporter, advocate, mediator, and planner. Pre-Assignment Instructions: 1. To prepare you for this assignment, you need to be very familiar with the content covered in the course, which will be useful for developing the different sections of this assignments. 2. By submitting all of your previous discussions and assignments, this will help you to decide the social issue that you are interested in supporting. Assignment Tasks: Choose a cause for which you would like to advocate. Create your plan to raise awareness Part I • Research The project report will have at least 5 different and reputable resources, cited using proper APA format. The research section will highlight the background of the social issue and summarize the community awareness on which you have decided to work. This should include: o A summary of the legislation impacting the issue; a summary of the purpose and goals of the community awareness; o A history of the community awareness (ie. How did it start? o Other people advocating for the same cause? o The reason you decided to work on this issue/catalyst); o Current challenges the community awareness faces. Part II • Community education, advocacy action plan to raise awareness You are required to support the cause with an online education campaign You will share in detail, your action plan which will include: 1. An outline of the public education awareness goal 2. An explanation of how your action plan benefits the cause 3. A summary of your target audience and best engagement strategies 4. A reflection of your group’s biases and assumptions about the community affected by the social issue 5. An outline of the necessary roles for the coordination of your Action Plan (template attached), including goals for your online plan, and some delivery channels such as: a. blog/website (here you will include part of your research) b. email c. social media: i. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Choose one of these delivery channels and implement it for your campaign. For example, if you choose Twitter, create hashtags and a communication strategy to convey your message. Once your group has decided on a delivery strategy to build public awareness comment on the following: 1. Anticipated challenges and troubleshooting plans 2. A summary of the resources that will be needed and how you will achieve them 3. A plan for how you will deal with decision making within your team, how you will: a. approach internal conflicts b. share the responsibilities fairly c. keep up morale and provide support Part III • Evaluation You will evaluate the success of your awareness plan based on the plan you developed and the delivery channel you chose to use o Measuring the impact (ie. did they have a changed perception of the community you were advocating on behalf of? Did they learn anything? If so, what? etc.) Your evaluation should touch on every point in your action plan. (For example, if you choose Twitter, your evaluation will be the number of interactions you had, including comments, shares or likes, and the tone of the comments since you started the action plan). You will also reflect personally about the experience’s impact on you regarding: 1. skillset development 2. attitudinal shift/learning about the community you were advocating 3. how you operated as a team 4. where your strengths and limitations are 5. etc.

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