one academic, Honors-level, 5+ page paper that is focused on the product that th

one academic, Honors-level, 5+ page paper that is focused on the product that the group developed( upcycling models to help kids understand complex subjects such as molecular geometry) and incorporates academic resources (e.g. not websites or Wikipedia!) to enhance the content of the paper. The paper should include proper in-text citations for all facts, concepts, and ideas that are not original to the authors, and attempt to incorporate more than one academic discipline. This paper should equally reflect the work of the group and include the following sections:
Introduction: gives background information regarding the problem or question examined and the proposed solution
Project Design: outlines the solution, including the 3D print design and any other materials used to create the final piece
Conclusion: summarizes the outcome of the study, how the product could be used, and any design modifications that were made or are recommended for future implementations
Author Credit: Lists each member of the group, and gives a biographic sketch of that individual, connecting her qualifications (e.g. past experiences, education) to her participation in the project design and implementation as well as the production of the final materials (paper and presentation)
my group was trying to explain how useful could be incorporating upcycling in the classroms to help kids understand complex concepts such as dna structures, molecular geometry anatomy etc. by doing this we would solve two problems one would be reduce the waste and decrease the plastic production the other would be help students of all ages understand things with the models created. it also helps students be creative and solve problems.

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